Friday, October 28, 2011

Step Into Your Higher Being

Mini Blog Entry from Peru

For the past two weeks, I have been traveling through Peru with a group of people seeing the many sites and learning about the extraordinary history of the pre-Inka time. Our guide has been a Shaman, but in his native land of Peru, he would be called a Paco, which means Healer. Not only have we been the typical tourists seeing the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, but we've also have the opportunity to sit with our Paco and do some healing work with plant medicine.

During one of our journeys, it was revealed to me that it was time to step into my higher being. What does that mean? And how do I do that? It came to me that I have the ability, strength, and talent, to express myself more openly and freely. This expression will be reflected in the work that I do (Life Coaching, teaching yoga, etc.) and how I relate to people (i.e. my friends, colleagues, and families.) How do I know how to do this? While on my journey, I saw the image of a Bear. In some cultures, the Bear represents Wisdom. Wisdom is found when the Bear goes into quiet hibernation for the winter. In his sleep, answers of Truth are revealed to him that he will be able to share in the Spring. What I learned from this journey that it is important to take time to move into that silence. Settle into my quiet cave at times to allow my dreams to generate which will be later revealed and expressed.

It is not necessary for YOU to go to Peru to do this kind of self exploration. You don't necessarily need to have a Shaman or Paco take you on a plant medicine journey to have these things revealed to you. As you continue to practice yoga, whether it's in a studio, gym, or at home, you can have answers revealed to you. Take the time to sit in stillness. Focus on your breath. Find and feel that quiet within you. Create a space within your mind and heart that allows your Truth to be revealed. As you practice this quiet time regularly, it really doesn't need to be more than 2 or 3 minutes a day, you can experience this clarity. Information will come to you which will guide you along your life journey. As you move forward, you may find that you are stepping into a Higher Sense of Self, your Greatest Potential, your own Higher Being.


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