Thursday, June 19, 2014

Connect at Blue Osa Men's Yoga Retreat

"Connect To Self. Connect To Others. Connect to All Things." 

This the theme for this early 2015 summer men's yoga retreat. It's an opportunity for Inner Exploration and Community Building with other men from all over the world. A collaboration of Mind, Body, and Spirit, through the common bond of Yoga. This yoga experience will provide growth, camaraderie, community, laughter, adventure, and fun!

Led by John Cottrell of Salt Lake City, Utah and Yogi Aaron of Blue Osa. With over 30 years of combined yoga teaching experience, you will be fulfilled and transformed during your week at Blue Osa.

The retreat takes place during the Memorial Day Weekend: May 23-29, 2015. 6 full days in paradise at a remarkable price of $1299. (If you act now....there's an Early Bird Special going on right now! Register and pay in full before January 5, 2015 and pay only $995!!)

You'll enjoy quality daily yoga practices, wonderful food, comfortable accommodations, an ocean view, exciting jungle excursions, and a whole lot more.

Connect to Self: You will have opportunities for quiet reflection and meditation while you're on your retreat. Enjoy a quiet walk on the beach, meditate near the pool, enjoy an invigoration massage, write in your journal in a hammock, and the list goes on. Quiet reflection offers the space to shift, to change, to grow. Gain insight to feelings, behaviors, and thoughts.

Connect to Others: Celebrate this retreat with other men from all over the world. Enjoy daily nude yoga practices in the private ocean-view yoga studio. Explore intimate connections through a guided tantric massage workshop. Entertain the many excursions that are offered in Costa Rica: horseback riding, zip lining, jungle tours, kayaking, water repelling, and a whole lot more.

Connect to All Things: Throughout this yoga retreat, you will be more aware and mindful of yourself, relate intimately to others, and reminded of the cosmic connection to all of the things that surround.

If this is what you're looking for in a Men's Yoga Retreat, then please join us in May 2015 for this unique and special experience. Please visit our website to learn more about the retreat, Blue Osa, and the facilitators, John Cottrell and Yogi Aaron.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Men's Yoga Retreat Pricing

Hello, Everyone!

The retreat prices have been set for the Men's Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica at Blue Osa for May 23-29, 2015. It's not too early to plan, so mark your calendars. Here's the breakdown:

Single Occupancy: $1699

Double Occupancy: $1299 (most popular)

Reserve A Spot: Deposit = $250

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (for Double Occupancy)

Available NOW until JANUARY 5, 2015


We even can set up a Monthly Payment Plan!
If you start paying in June 2014, you can pay as little as 95.36 per month until April 6, 2015.
$1299 - $250 = $1049
$1049/11 = $95.36 per month
Contact John to set up your Monthly Payment Plan

You can also visit our new website to read about the retreat, read our blog, and make your payments online at:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What Is A Yoga Retreat?

A yoga retreat is an opportunity to step away from your normal routine and engaged in a community where yoga is the main activity for that community building.

A yoga retreat offers you time to relax, unwind, re-group, and focus. If you live a stressful and busy lifestyle, a yoga retreat may be the perfect rememdy to ease the mind and body.

A yoga retreat allows you to deepen your yoga practice (or even start your yoga practice.) Yoga retreats often provide a theme or intention that guides the focus of your time together. Daily practices may range from flowing movement to stillness and meditation. A yoga retreat can help you to go deeper, connect, be more aware, to settle your active mind.

A yoga retreat may even feel like a vacation. Often retreats are held in nice facilities with beautiful inviting surroundings. You don't have to worry about cooking or cleaning or other household duties you may be used to at home. This is your time to get away - to retreat!

A yoga retreat can help you to clear your mind so you can solve problems, move forward on your life journey, answer questions, and even grow a deeper appreciation of yourself.

It goes without saying that you will meet other people on a yoga retreat. A sense of communty is established at a yoga retreat. You will creat bonds that can be long-lasting.

If you haven't attended a yoga retreat, consider attending one in the near future. I highly recommend it.

Where can you find yoga retreats? Perhaps a simple Google search can begin your quest for the perfect yoga retreat for you. Talk to your yoga instructors, visit a locak yoga studio. You can typically find posting and announcements of yoga retreats that would suit your intention.

I will be co-facilitating a Men's Yoga Retreat at the beautiful Blue Osa in Costa Rica in May 2015. For more information about this retreat, stay tuned in to this blog or visit my website. To whet your appetite, visit to see this amazing beach-side resort.

Blue Osa Men's Yoga Retreat

I just got back from an amazing trip to Costa Rica where I attended and co-facilitated a Men's Yoga Retreat at Blue Osa Resort. The retreat took place May 24-30, 2014.

Bryan Harrelson of San Francisco was the main instructor at the retreat. This was his 3rd time facilitating this event. Nine amazing men from all over the globe took part in this year's retreat. Aaron Star (Yogi Aaron), the proud owner of the Blue Osa, also taught at the retreat. With three unique styles, we were able to offer the retreat attendees a full and rich yoga experience. In addition to the yoga, we ventured out and enjoyed some exciting excursions: horseback riding, a chocolate tour, waterfall repelling, and zip lining to name a few! All-in-all, the retreat created a strong community and bond among the men. Bryan said it best in a Facebook post, "After running 11 retreats, I finally figured out that it's not about the yoga, it's about the people."

You got it right, Bryan! The connections that were made at this retreat were important, indeed. Men from all over to congregate, share, laugh, and cry together. We experienced a connection that will last even after the retreat. These connections have allowed us to see ourselves a little better. We learned. We grew. And we will thrive.

Although this was Bryan's last retreat at Blue Osa for a couple of years, the tradition will continue. I will be co-facilitating the next retreat with Yogi Aaron next May! We are already excited about creating a new community of men! Plans are already being made! (Read more about Bryan at

Follow this blog and other social media to gain more information about the Blue Osa Men's Yoga Retreat in May 2015. I will give you updates and information about Blue Osa as well as how beneficial a men's yoga retreat can be.

Here are the proposed dates: May 23-29, 2015
Early Bird pricing will begin soon: ($995 until January 5, 2015)

To learn a little bit more about Blue Osa, please visit their website at You can also find a follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

And I'm John Cottrell! You can find out more about me and my background at