Friday, April 15, 2011

Dharma - Your Life Purpose

In the ancient scripture, The Bhagavad Gita, Krishna speaks of dharma - your life purpose. He tells his student warrior, " is better to do your own dharma poorly than to do someone else's well."

This, I believe, is good advice. We can certainly get caught in our lives wishing that it resembled SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE! "I wished my house was as big as hers." "I like her style. I'm going to dress just like her." "If only I had a job like his." When we find ourselves in these thoughts, we are slowly moving away from our True Authentic Selves. If we take a moment in stillness and silence, we reconnect to that True Self. Know what it is that makes you uniquely You! Discover what it is that you are able to do. Not only what you are ABLE to do, but what you LOVE to do. What is your Passion? Often, it is this Passion that grows into your Life Purpose - your dharma.

How may times have you gone to a yoga class and the person next to you is more flexible than you, or can hold a pose longer than you, or is wearing a cooler outfit? Yoga is not about comparing or competing. We have the opportunity to share our energies in a community, but the yoga practice is really for YOU. It is your moment, your opportunity to journey deeply within yourself to discover your dharma. Krishna says that your dharma "need not be lofty, but should be something that feels right to you, and something that in one way or another makes a contribution."

Perhaps your passion is working with children, or photography, or cooking, or singing. The list is endless, but tune in and find out what it is that moves you. That talent may end up to be something that is worth sharing with others around you.

In your home practice, simply sit in stillness. Focusing on your breath. Allow the time with self be a personal journey inward to uncover your talents, passions, and life purpose. This is something you can do everyday. The more you move within, the more you discover about yourself. Also, when you return to the yoga studio, continue this inward journey. Don't let the more flexible or finely dressed yogi next to you distract you from your personal work. Return to your breath and unleash your Authentic Self.


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