Friday, December 10, 2010

Let It Grow! Let It Grow! Let It Grow!

From A Seed to A Tree - Let It Grow

Have you ever had an idea that just sat in your mind, but never really became a reality? Are you holding some wonderful, creative, and thoughtful ideas right now that would benefit you, your family, your job, or your community right now? Then why not plant your seed of an idea and allow it it to

Your practice today will help you focus on your idea so that you can begin to nurture it into fruition. Start by coming to Child's Pose on your yoga mat. Here, take a few moments to become acquainted with your breath. These can be gentle easy breaths as you guide your mind and body into your intentional yoga practice. Keep your eyes closed as you place your forehead on the mat. This posture allows one to move deeply into themselves. Further, it allows the mind to clear and opens the internal eye. Here is where you can begin to think more intently on your idea or dream. Create a clear picture of your vision in your mind's eye. Imagine that while you are in this pose, body is like a seed that you have planted into the earth.

If you're able, experience the feeling that would accompany the act of completing the task and bring your idea to life. The next yoga sequence will be a series of movements that walk you through the growth and nurturing of your idea.

First, rise up to Hero Pose. Keep your hands lightly on your thighs, sit up tall, open your eyes, and take a soft easy gaze forward. Imagine you are looking ahead at your path toward growth and manifestation. Walk your hands out in front of you until you are on your hands and knees. If you'd like, proceed with a series of Cat and Cow Poses to help move the breath and your body. Allow the flow of breath to create a rising energy within you as you continue this sequence.

Second, move the hands slightly forward so you can lift your hips and knees into a Downward Facing Dog Pose. Hold this posture for five breaths. From Downward Facing Dog, shift your body so you are now in Plank Pose. Your shoulders are positioned over your wrists and your legs are strong and straight behind you. (For a modification, feel free to place hour knees on the floor.) With an exhale, lower your body toward the ground to Chaturanga Dandasana. Inhale to Upward Facing Dog. Here, imagine that your idea has sprouted and the new plant is breaking ground. Your head is the delicate stem of the plant desiring to reach toward the sunlight. From here, return to Downward Facing Dog.

Inhale to lift your right leg up behind you. You can think of this motion of the body as a means to reach toward the sky asking for the resources you need to inspire the growth of your plant - your idea. The sun and the rain help a plant to grow. Think of the people and other reliable resources that will help your idea to grow. With your next exhale, bring the right foot up to the top of your mat so you are now in a lunging position. Rotate the back (left) heel to the floor to create a solid connection to the earth, then rise into Warrior One. Hold this pose for 3-5 breaths. Imagine your plant - your idea - really experiencing growth at this point. Your feet act as firm roots in the earth from which this idea came. As your arms lift over head, see and feel your idea grow into its greatest manifested potential. Inhale here and on your next exhale, bring your hands back to the mat. Lift your left heel off the floor then step forward so you are now in a forward fold with both feet at the top of your mat. Think of the folded body as the strong trunk of a plant or small tree that is ready to blossom. Leading with the mid-back, slowly roll upward one vertebrae at a time until you are standing tall. Continue the flow of breath as your arms reach toward the sky. Then bring your arms down by your sides. You are now in Mountain Pose. Here, your idea is fully maturing and growing.

Because both feet are firmly balanced on the floor, your idea has established strong roots. Now you are ready to finish this portion of your sequence by moving into Tree Pose. Keep your right foot rooted into your yoga mat, then slowly lift your left foot and place it on the inside of your standing leg. Hold here with your breath for at least 5 breaths. To move deeper into the pose, either bring your hands to heart center or reach your arms overhead. Experience the strength and balance of your body. As your arms extend upward, imagine they are the branches of the tree reaching upward and outward, reaching to those who want to enjoy the pleasures of this work of nature.

Your idea can be the same as the growth of your tree: extended upward and outward to reach those who will benefit from it's strength, it's shade, and it's fruit.

Set your left foot down and bring your hands to a prayer position. As you lower your hands to your heart space, think of the benefits of your manifested idea that are moving in you.

Feel free to continue with a Sun Salutation so you can repeat the sequence on the other side. As you flow through this series, continue to see and feel your ideas and dreams come to life.


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